Rabbi Yehoram Ulman


Rabbi Yehoram Ulman was born in the former USSR and was educated in Moriah College Sydney and the Yeshiva Gedolah in Melbourne.  He continued his studies in the USA receiving smicha from the Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim.

Rabbi Ulman has received Yoden Yoden from world renowned poskim Rav Hirschprubg z”l and Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlita among others. 

Rabbi Ulman is Rabbi of F.R.E.E. and is active on behalf of the Beth Din in the Russian community. 

Rabbi Ulman has particular expertise Evan HaEzer and has written many Tshuvos (responsa) to actual questions from around the world and also corresponds with leading Poskim in these areas.

Rabbi Ulman is one of the Rabbonim that developed protocols for halachkily acceptable fertility treatments and many clinics around the world use his protocols and cater for many Jewish couples under his guidance. 

Rabbi Ulman is the Beth Din’s principle liaison with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Rabbi Moshe Gutnick


Rabbi Moshe D Gutnick was born in Australia and was educated at the Yeshiva College and Yeshiva Gedolah in Melbourne. He continued his Rabbinic studies in New York and Montreal and received smicha from both the Rabbinical College of Canada and the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in New York.


Rabbi Gutnick received Yoden Yoden from the renowned Talmudist Rav Pinchus Hirschprung Z’L Av Beth Din of Montreal as well as Rabbi Zelig Sharfstein Z”L, Rav of the Vaad Hoier of Cincinnati Ohio.


Rabbi Gutnick joined the Beth Din in 1993. He is currently rabbinic administrator of the Kashrut Authority, which operates under the auspices of the Beth Din. Rabbi Gutnick travels for the Beth Din throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as through Asia, assisting the various communities in all Beth Din matters.


Rabbi Gutnick is also the Beth Din’s principal liaison with The Beth Din of America and other North American Batei Din, the Johannesburg Beth Din and the Batei Din in the UK.

Rabbi Michael Chriqui


Rabbi Michael Chriqui was born in Jerusalem Israel and studied for the Rabbinate in Yeshivat Torat Emet in Jerusalem and Yeshivat Oholei Torah in  New York. He received Smicha from Rabbi Piekarski and Rabbi Labkowski of the  Central Lubavitch Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim.


Rabbi Chriqui currently serves with distinction as Chief Minister of the Sephardi Synagogue and the NSW Association of Sephardim. Rabbi Chriqui has had a unique relationship with the last three Sephardi Chief Rabbis of the State of Israel, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and current Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar specifically requested that Rabbi Chriqui be appointed to the Beth Din to represent the Sephardi community.


Rabbi Chriqui brings a unique skill set and returns the Sephardi communiuty to its rightful place on the Beth Din.